Capitalism Kills Love, Claire Fontaine, Lumiere Durham 2011. Produced by Artichoke. Photo by Matthew Andrews.

Capitalism Kills (Love)Claire Fontaine (France)

Exhibited courtesy of the artists and the Lisson Gallery, London.

Suggestively positioned on the old Durham Miners’ Hall, this sign by French collective Claire Fontaine highlighted the inequalities and injustices of modern life.

Claire Fontaine is a Paris-based collective, founded in 2004. After lifting the name of a popular brand of school notebooks, Claire Fontaine declared herself a “readymade artist” and began to elaborate a version of neo-conceptual art that often looks like other people’s work. Together they have responded to global events and political systems by producing a series of powerful artworks that address their perception of the inequalities and injustices of modern life.  They have exhibited burned slogans in galleries, handed out Instructions for the Sharing of Private Property through video tutorials and produced limited-edition lock picks.


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