Complex Meshes, Miguel Chevalier, Lumiere Durham 2015. Produced by Artichoke. Image by Matthew Andrews.
Interactive, Projection

Complex Meshes 2015Miguel Chevalier (France)

Supported by

Music by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi
Software: Cyrille Henry and Antoine Villeret

This monumental interactive projection brought new light to the ribbed vault ceiling at Durham Cathedral.

Made up of different ‘meshes’, coloured patterns of various shapes overlapped, transformed and evolved. Clinging to the stone, this huge virtual ceiling of light twisted, moved and developed, reminding us of the infinite nature of the universe and reacted to the movement of audiences below.

Complex Meshes was produced in response to the design of the cathedral’s ribbed vault, which signified the beginning of the Gothic style in architecture. Made of diagonally intersecting Romanesque bows, the style allowed large gaps in the supported walls for vibrant stained glass windows to bring light in. Further enhanced by the fluid universe of Complex Meshes, yet more light was brought into the nave. With specially commissioned music from Jacopo Baboni Schilingi, this installation resonated with the rose windows and architectural space both visually and sonically.

Complex Meshes invited us to raise our eyes to the ceiling and observe a kaleidoscopic installation which transformed the nave into a constellation universe.

Sevcon is delighted to support this stunning piece of work in a historic setting, merging the old with the new in perfect harmony. As a North East company of many years standing, this installation resonates with us.

Matt Boyle, President & CEO, Sevcon

Miguel Chevalier’s installation Complex Meshes 2016 was part of Lumiere London 2016.

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