Electric Fireside, The Brick Box, Lumiere Durham 2015. Produced by Artichoke. Photo by Matthew Andrews.
Participatory, Performance

Electric FiresideThe Brick Box (UK)

We’re all familiar with the idea of storytelling by the fire. The Brick Box brought this ancient activity to Lumiere, inviting community groups from East Durham and Spennymoor to gather round and tell a tale.

The Brick Box worked with groups with the aim of drawing people together to share stories and express themselves creatively. Gathering around Electric Fireside they used puppetry, storytelling, dance and music to bring these stories to life. Special sharing events took place in the run-up to Lumiere before each group travelled to the festival to host the Fireside for a night each.

Made from reclaimed electric fires complete with ornaments from the mantelpiece, swirly carpets and comfy sofas, Electric Fireside was a space where everyone was invited to warm their cockles, listen and join in.

The Brick Box was founded by Eleanor Barrett in 2010 with the mission to create art, love and magic for everyone. After working together at the infamous Shunt, Eleanor was joined by Rosie Freeman who is also Co-Director of the company. Together they share over 35 years of experience using art to transform people’s lives.


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