The Global Curiosity Shop, conceived by Paul Goodfellow, delivered by LumaLabs, Lumiere Durham 2011. Produced by Artichoke. Photo by Matthew Andrews.

The Global Curiosity ShopLuma Labs, conceived by Paul Goodfellow (UK)

The Global Curiosity Shop was one of four installations commissioned as part of the Lumiere Durham 2011 BRILLIANT competition for anyone based in or originally from the North East with a bright idea for an installation.

Audiences were invited to peer through the window of an empty shop to witness a magical transformation with a nod in the direction of Charles Dickens.

An empty space by day, at night The Global Curiosity Shop came alive as the interior was animated to tell the story of the international market. As darkness fell, the objects one by one began to spark into life, responding to the actions of the spectator with a fantastical display of what, by day, was unseen. The shop was transformed with three-dimensional projections: films exploring the interconnectedness of the world through colour, movement and stunning graphics.

Luma Labs were an audiovisual company based in Newcastle. Their ambition was to merge interactive visuals with architectural builds to create unique user experiences for use in the commercial world.

Their work included interactive elements such as bespoke user interfaces and real time visual applications alongside physical trade-show and exhibition stands, which established a bridge between the real world and the virtual.

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