Let Her Shine, Amelia Kosminsky, Lumiere Durham 2011. Produced by Artichoke. Photo by Matthew Andrews.

Let Her ShineAmelia Kosminsky (UK)

Let Her Shine was developed as part of an art course and shows just what’s possible with some ordinary low-voltage lighting effects and a great deal of imagination.

Young artist Amelia Kosminsky’s piece adorned the front window of one of Durham’s premier dress shops, Van Mildert’s and brought a whole new meaning to the world of fashion highlights.

Amelia is a young artist currently based in London. Her interests include photography, songwriting, music and social media. Following the first photo shoot for Let Her Shine, she studied photography at the London College of Communications and then began a freelance career. Her photographs can be found at:

https://www.instagram.com/amelia_kosminsky/ and http://rulenumbertwois.blogspot.co.uk

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