Light Graffiti, Floating Pictures, Lumiere London 2016. Produced by Artichoke, supported by the Mayor of London. Photo by Matthew Andrews.
Interactive, Projection

Light GraffitiFloating Pictures (Sweden)

In partnership with

Let light be your spray can.

Light Graffiti was an interactive installation that invited audiences to use a source of light to ‘paint’ their surroundings. This innovative work used a USB camera, projector and computer to transform light sources into a paintbrush, allowing users to decorate the area as they wished.

Floating Pictures are a Stockholm-based art production company creating site-specific works in public spaces using interactive design, projection technology, light installations, film and video art. The company aims to use new media to create visually and artistically innovative experiences for audiences. This piece was created in collaboration with Digital Art Center (Stockholm University) and Pew Square.

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