Rainbow River, Alison Lowery / Richard Hornby, Lumiere Durham 2015. Produced by Artichoke. Photo by Matthew Andrews.
BRILLIANT, Projection

Rainbow RiverAlison Lowery & Richard Hornby (UK)

Celebrating UNESCO’s International Year of Light in 2015, this BRILLIANT winning idea used a triangular prism to cast multi-coloured patterns onto the River Wear.

Splitting light through a perspex structure, Rainbow River symbolised both the history of research into light and its endless possibilities. It reminded us of the once ground-breaking discoveries of Isaac Newton in 1704, as well as the continuing role institutions such as Durham University play in further discoveries of this magical phenomenon.

Both Lowery and Hornby have backgrounds in science.  Richard moved to Durham in 2004 to study Physics and Astronomy at the university.  Since then he has developed his own educational consultancy business and is Chair of the North East Branch of the Institute of Physics.  Alison originally trained as a doctor, specialising in psychiatry, but since retiring has completed a degree in Photography, Video and Digital Imaging and an MA in Glass both at the University of Sunderland.

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