Symphonie Conique, Airvag, Lumiere Derry~Londonderry 2013, Produced by Artichoke, Commissioned by UK City of Culture 2013, photograph by Chris Hill
Installation, Interactive

Symphonie ConiqueAirvag (France)

In Partnership with

French company Airvag transformed the city’s riverside with giant inflatable sculptures.

These enormous structures, up to 14m high, created a colourful interruption to daily life, but as night fell these beautiful objects began to glow and sway, transforming the familiar urban landscape into a strange illuminated wonderland. In this surreal new universe, the sculptures themselves changed and mutated in response to human interaction – the movement of people through the site determined changes in colour, sound and movement.

Airvag have been making monumental inflatable sculptures since their formation in 1981. The company is dedicated to transforming public space and lighting up the sky with their huge illuminated works. Over the last 30 years, they have toured the world, delighting audiences as far afield as London, Rome, Paris and Sydney. Another installation by Airvag, Starry Night, was also part of the programme for the first ever Lumiere in Durham in 2009.

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