Sebastian White, CERN/University of Virginia

Sebastian’s background is in developing and implementing large detector systems for High Energy and Nuclear Physics experiments. Over the past 20 years Sebastian has been project leader for such detector systems at BNL’s RHIC and the CERN ATLAS experiment. Today he is the CO_PI for 2 initiatives to take time measurement in experiments to a new level of precision- of order 10 to 20 picoseconds to deal with the challenges of the future High Luminosity LHC. In developing these technologies and then implementing them in large physics experiments Sebastian has become convinced that the problems of computing in science needs to be addressed by initiatives in a field which is broadly called “ease of use”. For this Sebastian has collaborated with Wolfram Research and the CERN ROOT team to develop “Mathematica with ROOT”. In the coming years where the detector technologies they develop are becoming a reality signal processing and algorithms for timing measurement will play a significant role in their performance studies and guide development of the electronics. With Wolfram Research Sebastian plans to continue what has been a fruitful collaboration for this new topic.

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