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June 28th, 2017

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For this year’s Lumiere festival in Durham, we’re looking for the hidden heroes of the public service sector to take part in a spectacular video projection. This thought-provoking piece will be showcased at the festival in November and seen by tens of thousands of people.

The projection will put the public sector workers of the North East firmly centre stage. This is your chance to have your say on film and be part of Lumiere Durham. 

Filming will take place 10th – 14th July between 11am – 9pm

At: The Miners’ Hall, Flass Street, Redhill, Durham DH1 4BE

It doesn’t matter at what level or position you are at, but you must work within one of the following public service sectors in the North East:

  • Police
  • Fire Services
  • Health
  • Education
  • Refuse collection and street cleaning

The artists will film you for half an hour, talking to you about your experiences of working for the local community. They are looking for personal anecdotes of your working life, which may be humorous, serious, bizarre or fascinating. Edited snippets from these conversations will form the basis of the piece.

For your chance to be involved in this exciting piece, please contact Producer Kate Laird at [email protected] with your name, gender and contact phone number and email address, detailing which sector you work for.

This installation is supported by County Durham Housing Group and Prince Bishops Homes.


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