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The Common Good

1 The Common Good By Shared Space & Light

The intricate facade of the historic Miners’ Hall is transformed by a powerful and touching 3D video projection. With cameos from firefighters and refuse collectors, teachers, health workers and police officers. The Common Good seeks to recognise and celebrate the extraordinary work and impact public sector workers have on communities at large.  Celebrating the role […]

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Harmonic Portal

2 Harmonic Portal By Chris Plant

A soothing meditation connecting colour, sound, light and texture through a new work that seeks to piece together our fragmented world.

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3 Arclight By Vicky Hay

An architectural lighting scheme that will illuminate and accentuate the structural beauty of this superb exapmle of Durham’s industrial heritage.

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Northern Lights

4 Northern Lights By Emma Boyes

Experience some of the North East’s most iconic landmarks illuminated in miniature form.  The Angel of the North, Durham Cathedral, Penshaw Monument, St. Mary’s Lighthouse and the Baltic Flour Mill are all included.

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Fire Tornado

5 Fire Tornado By Ivo Schoofs

Fire reveals nature in all its destructive glory. Artist Ivo Schoofs once saw a tornado rage through a forest fire, spectacularly elevating the blaze to new heights. Inspired by that vision he was moved to replicate the effect in controlled conditions. As with our own bonfires, Fire Tornado brings us close to the elements, banishing […]

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Colour by Light

6 Colour by Light By Floating Pictures

Let light be your paintbrush! Use your smartphone torch or any other source of light to paint onto your surroundings. Experiment with different colours, strokes and patterns and turn the streets of Durham into your own personal canvas. In collaboration with Digital Art Centre (Stockholm University) and Pew Square. 

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7 Heron By Jon Voss

Heron glows in soft luminescence, as if caught in a camera flash while flying. Its huge wings unfold for a fleeting moment – a snapshot in time. A homage to one of our most magnificent English birds, often seen along the banks of the River Wear, Jon Voss’ work celebrates the beauty of nature in […]

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8 Lightbench By Bernd Spiecker, LBO

Lightbench is a unique resting point that transforms the concept of public seating. Lit by hundreds of LEDs, the Lightbench allows you to take the weight off your feet and strike up a conversation with a stranger. Commissioned for Lumiere Durham 2015, the Lightbench has become a striking part of Durham city and is managed […]

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9 Illumaphonium By Michael Davis

Make the Illumaphonium chime! Touch one of the 100 illuminated bars to activate this musical sculpture. With ever-changing patterns of light and sound, this multi-sensory installation is sure to make you smile.

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10 Anonymous By LDCOL

Step inside the glowing white cube, take to the microphone and anonymously share a thought, tell a joke or even sing. This secret stage is yours! Based on a famous cartoon by Peter Steiner, this installation wittily symbolises our ability to send and receive anonymous messages online.

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11 Sagacity By Aidan Moesby

How does Lumiere make you feel? Sagacity is an interactive installation inspired by the Periodic Table of the Elements, which sets out to take the emotional temperature of the community by collecting the feelings people are tweeting about. The more people tweet a particular emotion, the more illuminated the word will become on the screen. […]

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12 Anon By Walter & Zoniel

In this surreal installation, a silent group of people appear to sit isolated in a shop window. The living statues glow under the flash-lights of the artists’ camera. The stream of abstract images taken by the artists is then projected above the installation, forming a wall of rolling imagery that echoes a social media stream. […]

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Our Moon

13 Our Moon By Hannah Fox

Our Moon looks, smiles, blinks, twitches and frowns, observing the city and its people. See faces of Durham”s residents imprinted into the illustration of the moon, animating the façade of the Castle throughout the festival. Over 60 participants took part in the project and the images gathered have been separated into four moons; childhood, youth, maturity […]

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Dome and Arches

14 Dome and Arches By Luminarie de Cagna

A fairytale structure studded with tens of thousands of turn LED lights will turn the Market Place into a magical winter wonderland, and transform Saddler Street and Silver Street with a series of glittering arches. Italian architectural lighting firm Luminarie de Cagna is a family run business which has been lighting up festivals across Italy […]

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Control No Control

15 Control No Control By Daniel Iregui

Use your body to manipulate the graphics of this interactive LED sculpture. Watch as five different states of sound and visuals form, each exploring different geometry and pattern.

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Drawn in Light

16 Drawn in Light By Ralf Westerhof

This installation is made of steel, hand-formed into a typical Amsterdam-style canal building, surrounded by tranquil elements of daily life.  The piece rotates elegantly above the river, twirling and twisting to create a new city location, illuminated against the dark sky.  

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17 Methods By Pablo Valbuena

Inspired by the tradition of English Change Ringing, which dates back to the 17th century, Pablo Valbuena’s new work will transform the interior and exterior of Durham’s iconic cathedral. Methods will connect the historical context of the building with its bells. Led by Durham Cathedral’s Bell Major, Christopher Crabtree, bands of bell-ringers from the North […]

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Entre Les Rangs

18 Entre Les Rangs By Rami Bebawi / Kanva

Filling the Cathedral Cloister with thousands of illuminated flowers, Entre les rangs a creation of Kanva, is a tribute to fields of wheat that shimmer in the wind as the seasons pass. Experience a sensory stroll around the edge of this unusual field, enjoying the light that follows and highlights your walk. Created and produced […]

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Horizontal Interference

19 Horizontal Interference By Katarzyna Malejka & Joachim Sługocki

A colourful cord construction is illuminated by night to create a striking spectacle.  Horizontal Interference is a powerfully poetic installation where natural and constructed elements combine.

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20 Frequencies By Kari Kola

Running through the heart of the city, the River Wear is a pivotal Durham landmark. Finnish artist Kari Kola will create an absorbing contrast to the natural beauty of the river and its surroundings, with a 360-degree installation using bespoke soundscape and captivating light. Delight in the riverside landscape transformed into a dreamlike wonderland. Best […]

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Know Thyself

21 Know Thyself By Finola Finn

A throbbing red heart illuminates inside The Count’s House. Suspended, it grows stronger and brighter, weaker and dimmer – in time with the corresponding sound of a slow, low, abstract heartbeat. Drawing on 17th century imagery and the ancient proverb ‘Know Thyself’, this installation questions where our sense of self lies. In our hearts, our […]

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White Line

22 White Line By Adam Frelin

Adam Frelin’s simple yet effective White Line will trace the bend of the River Wear. The light of the fluorescent fixtures is strangely familiar in the moonlight, gently casting highlights and shadows on the natural curve of the river, altering the space around it. Best viewed from Prebends Bridge.  

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23 Shimmer By Dan Fox & Phil Supple

Cymbals turn into speakers for Shimmer, a sound and light installation. Voyage under this row of twelve instruments to hear a soundscape emanating from the metal, deep and ethereal.

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Visual Illusion

24 Visual Illusion By Amy Welch

An engaging visual response to the endless but familiar depths of Durham Cathedral, Visual Illusion will challenge your spatial awareness. Based on a series of patterns found in and around the Cathedral, it brings a contemporary context to this monumental building.

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What Matters

25 What Matters By Shuster & Moseley

What Matters consists of two immersive light and glass installations. Inside the church, thousands of hand-blown glass pieces depict the birth of light in the universe. In the churchyard, these pieces appear to have joined to form glass bubbles. They hover in clusters, appearing to be suspended in space amongst the trees. A collaboration between […]

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26 Cosmoscope By Simeon Nelson

Taking inspiration from the study of the universe, blood flowing through the human heart and the order and disorder of atoms and molecules, Cosmoscope explores the patterns, structures and similarities of these scientific areas. Cosmoscope asks us to consider the very, very small scale and imagine the very, very large scale, contemplating our own place […]

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Cosmic Architecture

27 Cosmic Architecture By Nina Dunn / John Del' Nero

In a new commission celebrating the partnership between Lumiere and Durham University, video designer Nina Dunn and sound designer John Del’ Nero create a spectacular new work saluting the extraordinary achievement of architect Daniel Libeskind’s building for the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics. Marking the marriage of revolutionary architecture with the beauty of the ground-breaking […]

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For The Birds

28 For The Birds By A collective of artists

Take a mediative and immersive journey through the wilderness to discover over 20 light and sound installations inspired by birds and created by a collective of artists:  Jony Easterby Mark Anderson and Kathy Hinde Ulf Pedersen Pippa Taylor For The Birds offers an after-dark delight, reimagining the green spaces of the Durham University Botanic Garden.

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The Umbrella Project

29 The Umbrella Project By Cirque Bijou

Umbrellas unite! This choreographed performance piece starring members of the local Durham community with LED umbrellas will pop-up where you least expect it. Will you find them?

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Who are we and where are we headed?

30 Who are we and where are we headed?

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Accessibility Information – Rainbow River

1 Accessibility Information – Rainbow River

Please note, the riverside footpath route from Prebends bridge is not suitable for wheelchair of buggy access. An alternative route is available. From North Road the road bears to the right at the Halifax Building Society towards Crossgate bank where the road then forks left, after ‘The Fighting Cocks’ pub towards South Street. The paths […]

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Accessibility Information –  Wave

2 Accessibility Information – Wave

Access via Silver Street will be one way. From Silver Street to the side of the Superdry store there are 17 flagstone steps with a handrail, at the bottom of the steps a declining flagstone path leads to Fowlers Yard. Fowlers Yard is on a slight incline with a tarmac road and curbed flagstone path with […]

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DLI Museum Park & Stride

1 DLI Museum Park & Stride

Aykley Heads, Durham DH1 5TU

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County Hall Park & Stride

2 County Hall Park & Stride

Durham, County Durham DH1 5UZ

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New College Park & Ride

3 New College Park & Ride

Framwellgate Moor Campus, DH1 5ES. Alight/Board at east side of Milburngate Bridge (near Claypath)

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Sniperley Park & Ride

4 Sniperley Park & Ride

DH1 5RA Alight/Board at east side of Milburngate Bridge (near Claypath)

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Howlands Park & Ride

5 Howlands Park & Ride

DH1 RTQ Alight/Board opposite Three Tuns, New Elvet

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Belmont Park & Ride

6 Belmont Park & Ride

DH1 1SR Alight/Board opposite The Gates Shopping Centre

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Durham Train Station

7 Durham Train Station

North Road,  DH1 4RB

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