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September 8th, 2017

Our Moon, Hannah Fox, Lumiere Durham 2017

Durham’s iconic landmarks including Durham Cathedral, Durham Castle and the historic Miners’ Hall at Redhills are the first locations to be announced in this sneak preview of the programme for the fifth edition of Lumiere Durham.

Artists Pablo Valbuena (Spain), Hannah Fox (UK) and Shared Space and Light (UK) will respond to these unique locations with bold and captivating new work, created in collaboration with a broad range of local people, from Durham Cathedral’s bellringers to the hidden heroes of the public sector.

Durham holds a unique place as the birthplace of Lumiere. Local people and communities have become central to the story of the festival, providing both the inspiration and context for many of the artworks. In 2015, more than 2000 local people, young people and children across the city and the region took part in learning and participation activities in the leadup to and during the festival, through schools workshops, volunteering, and contributing to the creation of several artworks.

The full programme for Lumiere 2017 will be announced on 16th October. As in previous years, the central Peninsula area will be ticketed nightly between the peak hours of 4.30 and 7.30pm to help manage the large numbers expected and ensure a more comfortable audience experience. The rest of the festival outside the central Peninsula area will be accessible to visit at any time without a ticket and everyone will be able to enter the central Peninsula area without a ticket after 7.30pm. Over half the installations will be outside the ticketed area so there is plenty to see without a ticket. Tickets will be available from 17th October at council outlets around Durham County. 


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