Litre of Light, Mick Stephenson & MyShelter Foundation, Lumiere Durham 2013. Produced by Artichoke. Photo by Matthew Andrews.

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November 3rd, 2015

Work is already underway on Mick Stephenson’s Litre of Light installation.  A giant replica of a Rose Window at Durham Cathedral, it will be made out of thousands of plastic bottles in tribute to the MyShelter Foundation project of the same name.  Now we need your help to finish it. Instead of sending your plastic bottles to the wheelie bin, give them to Lumiere!  We’re ideally looking for 2 litre plastic bottles, but any will do (apart from milk cartons). Drop them off at the Gala Theatre in Durham or Tesco Durham Market Place, and recycle your rubbish into a wonderful piece of art.

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19th January 2018

Shaida Walking. 2015 by Julian Opie, Broadwick Street, London’s West End. © Matthew Andrews.

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For four days, Lumiere London transforms the capital into a dazzling display of light art, reimagining the city’s streets and buildings into spectacular works of art. But once the festival is over, not all the lights go out. There is plenty of light art to enjoy with these pieces which, as well as forming part […]

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17th January 2018

Cosmoscope Q&A

Cosmoscope, a piece commissioned for Lumiere Durham 2017 is making its way to London for the second edition of the Lumiere London festival. We spoke to the creators of the installation to find out more about its creation and what inspires the trio to create works of this kind. Cosmoscope is by Simeon Nelson with […]

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