1.26 Durham, Janet Echelman / Studio Echelman, Lumiere Durham 2015. Produced by Artichoke. Photo by Matthew Andrews.

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American artist Janet Echelman brought her beautiful aerial sculpture 1.26 Durham to the festival in 2015 with help from Atom Bank.

The digital bank is based in Durham and supported the creation of a bespoke web App that allowed visitors to change the colours projected onto the sculpture suspended above the River Wear.

Loving the @atom_bank sponsored installation at #LumiereDurham – controlled by an app!

Festival visitor on Twitter

During the four evenings of the festival, there were more than 115,000 interactions with the sculpture, as visitors connected to the App using their smartphones. When they answered questions on the App, their responses changed the colours projected onto the net, which was created from data taken from the 2010 Chile earthquake and tsunami.

As an artist, it interests me to collaborate with the private sector and this collaboration with Atom brings their technology and my art together, to create something new for the public.

Janet Echelman

How Atom’s support made a difference

Atom made a generous contribution to this artwork, which made it possible to bring Janet Echelman from America to the North East, enabled Artichoke’s production team to manage the technically challenging installation, and to develop the App that powered the interactive sculpture.

Atom’s staff in Durham also worked closely with Stockton-on-Tees based Art AV, who produced the App, helping to shape the software graphics and final user experience for visitors.

An ideal partnership

1.26 Durham gave Atom a perfect opportunity to contribute to the North East in a way that reflected their priorities as a business using innovative technology, and the chance to reach hundreds of thousands of people attending the festival.

Following the success of the festival in Durham, Atom supported a new interactive sculpture by Janet Echelman 1.8 London, strung high over Oxford Circus at Lumiere London 2016.

Timelapse film

Watch Atom’s timelapse film of 1.26 Durham at the festival here:

1.26 Durham, Janet Echelman / Studio Echelman, Lumiere Durham 2015. Produced by Artichoke. Film by Atom Bank.

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