You can book a maximum of 6 tickets per household. Tickets are free and you will not be charged a transaction fee. 

All tickets for Lumiere are processed on the Lumiere website via Durham County Council Theatres.

If you have previously booked for Gala Durham, Empire Consett, or Bishop Auckland Town Hall, you do not need to register because you will already have an account.




Lumiere is open each night from 18 – 21 November 2021 between 16:30 – 23:00

The 6 Marks in the Landscape artworks in Durham County are open 16:30 – 22:00

The festival is completely free to attend and 24 of the 37 installations are accessible without a ticket at all times.

9 artworks are in the ticketed central peninsula of Durham City (Pink zone: Market Place, Saddler Street, Silver Street, Palace Green, North and South Baileys, Prebends Bridge and Riverside).

The 2 artworks inside Durham Cathedral, A Candle and Mums Dads Kids Gods, will not be accessible during the evening.

Durham Cathedral will be closed during the evening for prevailing Covid-19 restrictions. Visitors will be encouraged to visit the interior of the Cathedral during the day to enjoy these artworks.

More information about Cathedral opening times.



Are there any changes to the festival this year because of COVID? 

In a change from previous years, the controlled City centre area of Lumiere will be ticketed for the entirety of the festival opening times every night. A timed ticketing slot system for the controlled central Lumiere zone will be in place from 16:30-23:00 each night.

The ticketed area includes Market Place, Saddler Street, Silver Street, Palace Green, North and South Baileys, Prebends Bridge and Riverside. The central peninsula is only accessible via Claypath and Framwellgate Bridge.

There is no time limit once inside the controlled zone. Tickets will be available for the following time slots: 16:30, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 22:00.

This is to manage audience numbers as part of measures in place to offer a COVID secure experience.




When and where can I get a ticket? 

Tickets are available to book on this page on the Lumiere website.


Are tickets available to book in person or over the phone?

Tickets are only available to book via the Lumiere website and download onto your smartphone or tablet. If you need support booking your ticket, please visit one of County Durham’s 39 public libraries where staff can help you access the internet to book a ticket.


How do I get support with booking my online ticket?

If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, you can book your tickets on a computer with internet access here on the Lumiere website. You can then print off your PDF ticket at home or at one of Durham County Council’s 39 libraries across the County.


Don’t have a computer, internet access or a smartphone or tablet?

You can visit your local library to book and print off your ticket on a public computer. Library staff will be able to help if you need a hand. You will also be able to ring the Lumiere hotline from October if you have any questions or need further assistance: 03000 264440

Please note: You need an e-mail account to receive your ticket. You can register for an email account via the public access computers in the library.


Will I need to pay for tickets ordered online?

No, tickets are completely free and there is no additional booking charge.


I’m getting tickets, from what age do children need them?

If your child is carried in a baby carrier / sling then they won’t need a ticket.

All other children do. Please don’t bring a pram or buggy if you can as it will be hard to get around and some access routes will be closed.


How many tickets can I book? 

A maximum of six tickets per household are available.



Which area of Durham City is ticketed?

The central area of the Durham City is ticketed.

This area includes Market Square, Prince Bishops Shopping Centre, Durham Castle, Saddler Street, Durham Cathedral and The Count’s House. The central peninsula is only accessible via Claypath and Framwellgate Bridge.

Elvet Bridge will be exit-only this year.


Where are the entrances to the ticketed zone?

There will be two controlled entrances to the central Lumiere zone: at Claypath and Framwellgate Bridge. Elvet Bridge will be exit-only this year.


If I leave the ticketed area, can I come back in?

No. Tickets will only be valid for an allocated time slot, which you will be able to choose when you book.



You need further support or if you have any questions about ticketing, please email [email protected]