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Do you have an artwork idea for Lumiere 2023?

We want to hear your proposal for a new light artwork that will transform Durham’s urban landscape for four nights. Applications for the BRILLIANT artwork commissioning scheme are now open! This is your chance to have an artwork made and exhibited at Lumiere, the UK’s light art biennial. You don’t need to be a practicing artist or have any previous experience to apply.

Please read download and read or listen to the information pack below before you apply. The pack is available in: PDF, large print, plain text and audio recording.

Artichoke (Producer of Lumiere) is committed to broadening the diversity of those working in the medium of light art. We encourage applications from people who are currently under-represented in our BRILLIANT alumni, including people of colour and people who identify as d/Deaf, disabled or neurodivergent.

Closing date for applications: Sunday 19 February 2023, 23:59



BRILLIANT is a national commissioning scheme aimed at encouraging anyone living in the UK (aged 18+) to suggest their brightest idea for an artwork using the medium of light to be produced and exhibited at Lumiere 2023.

The scheme aims to encourage creativity across the UK as well as highlighting brilliant ideas from people living in or originally from the North East.

Successful applicants will be supported by Artichoke with the production costs and technical expertise to create and install their artwork and will receive a fee.

You don’t need to be a practising artist, or have any previous experience to apply. You just need a brilliant idea!

Explore our artwork archive to see past BRILLIANT artworks and get some inspiration.


There is no set theme for BRILLIANT. We want to see your best and most inspired idea for an artwork using light. The Lumiere programme is always diverse and ambitious, so be bold and think outside the box.


Consider ways that you could make your artwork more environmentally friendly such as using sustainable technology or recycled materials. We also encourage you to consider how to dispose, recycle or re-home your artwork sustainably with our guidance after it is displayed at Lumiere 2023.


You do not need a location in mind for your artwork to make an application. If your idea is successful, our producers will work with you and advise on spaces and locations in Durham City. Permissions for the use of each site will be secured by Artichoke after the BRILLIANT commissions are selected.

If you would like to propose a specific site for your work, we are currently interested in pieces that would work in smaller more intimate locations. These include:

  • Crown Court Gardens
  • The public domain of Riverwalk
  • The space behind Ebony on Walkergate
  • The area around Dunelm House

We’ve already started programming Lumiere 2023, using lots of spaces across the city. Iconic sites such as Durham Castle, the Market Place and the Cathedral have already been allocated. Your application is less likely to succeed if you suggest these well-known locations for your artwork.


Who can apply?

  • Anyone aged over 18
  • Anyone currently living in the UK

We are particularly interested in receiving applications from:

  • Individuals who are currently living in or are originally from the North East and are local to Durham

Those who are under-represented in our BRILLIANT alumni, particularly:

  • Those who identify as a person of colour
  • Those who identify as a person who is d/Deaf, disabled or neurodivergent

As part of Artichoke’s ongoing commitment to the development of local creativity, up to three of the six BRILLIANT commissions are reserved for people who are currently living in or originally from the North East.

BRILLIANT artists receive:

  • A fee of up to £1000
  • Support from an Artichoke Producer and Production Manager to realise the idea
  • Production/materials/fabrication/installation costs up to £7000
  • Artichoke will pay for the costs of event management and security associated with your installation
  • Bespoke professional development, including ongoing mentoring and advice after Lumiere
  • An international platform to exhibit your artwork. Lumiere is attended by hundreds of thousands of people and receives significant coverage from local, national and international media
  • Introduction to appropriate networks to support future exhibitions and showings of your artwork

Please download and read or listen to the BRILLIANT 2023 information pack below before you complete the online application form. 


BRILLIANT 2023 Information Pack (Audio Recording) 

  • BRILLIANT 2023 Information Pack (PDF) - VIEW
  • BRILLIANT 2023 Large Print (Word Document) - VIEW
  • BRILLIANT 2023 (Plain Text Document) - VIEW


BRILLIANT has two application stages. Complete our Stage 1 application form by clicking the pink link below:

Stage 1


You can only apply once. We will consider your first application only. You cannot change your application form once it has been submitted.

In the form we ask you for the following information:

  • Name, address and contact details
  • Demographic information e.g gender, age, ethnicity (this information is not mandatory. You can choose not to complete this part of the form if you prefer)
  • Tell us about yourself: It doesn’t have to be arts-related: we would like to know a little bit about your story and why you want to be part of BRILLIANT 2023. (Max 200 words)
  • Describe your idea: Keep things clear and brief. It’s the idea that we are most interested in at this stage. Please include the title if you have one. (Max 750 words)
  • How will your light artwork be made and what will it be made out of? (Max 500 words)
  • What would the audience experience be if they visited your artwork? (Max 100 words)
  • What is the proposed timeline for making your piece? How long do you think it will take to make your piece? Installations of artworks begin week commencing 13 November 2023. (Max 300 words)
  • Do you have any ideas about the location of your artwork in Durham? i.e. Does your artwork need to be on a wall, or by water, or in a tunnel? Please remember you do not need a location in mind to make an application. (Max 100 words)
  • What might your artwork cost? Please give us a rough idea of how much your artwork might cost to make. If you are selected for Stage Two of the application process we will support you in developing a full budget with actual costs up to a maximum of £7000.
  • Availability for interview dates
  • A maximum of 5 supporting documents. These can be drawings, photographs, sketches, models, mood boards and renders – anything that helps us understand and visualise your idea
  • How did you hear about this opportunity?

If you apply online, your answers will be kept safely in your browser’s local storage for 15 days. When you open the form again, you will be taken to the start, but will see your existing answers from your last visit. If you clear your browsing data your answers will be deleted.

If you’re unable to access the online form, you can download the application form below as a Word Document or a PDF below and send it to us at [email protected].

You can also print and post your form to the following address:
Artichoke Trust 28
Commercial Street
E1 6AB
Your postal application will need to reach us on or before the deadline date: Sunday 19 February 2023, 11:59pm
  • BRILLIANT 2023 Application Form (Word Document) - DOWNLOAD

Stage 2

If your Stage 1 application is successful, you will be invited to an initial meeting, ideally held in person in Durham with an Artichoke Producer and Production Manager to discuss your application. You will need to be available for this meeting. Meeting dates are during the day on either Wednesday 22, Thursday 23, Friday 24 March 2023.

Following this initial meeting you will be asked to submit a more detailed proposal. You will be given four weeks to do this, and will receive support from Artichoke to develop your idea further. This will include support with putting together a more detailed project budget, technical advice on how the piece could be made and help with possible locations.

Once your Stage 2 proposal is completed, you will be invited to attend an interview with a selection panel. The meeting will be held in person in Durham on either Tuesday 25, Wednesday 26 or Thursday 27 April 2023. Further details will be given if you are successful at this stage.

Please see more information about Stage 2 in the BRILLIANT information pack.

Getting help to apply

We are very happy to answer any questions. Please get in touch if you need:

  • Any help with completing your application
  • The information pack in a different format
  • To apply in a different format

Contact us

Mon – Fri, 10:00 -18:00: +44 20 7650 7611   | [email protected]

EMG Solicitors returns as the key sponsor of the BRILLIANT national commissioning scheme for Lumiere 2023. EMG Solicitors is a growing firm based in Durham that has supported Lumiere events since 2017.

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