Posted 05/23/2023


We’re thrilled to introduce you to our five BRILLIANT commissioned artists who will create and exhibit new light works at this year’s Lumiere, the UK’s light art biennial, as part of the small-scale commissioning scheme.

Sponsored by locally-based EMG Solicitors, BRILLIANT encourages anyone to submit a bright idea, not just practising artists.

The long-standing scheme’s mission is to broaden the diversity of those working in the medium of light both locally and across the UK, and give an opportunity for non-creatives and early career artists to be part of the biennial.

The artworks will be presented alongside established international and UK artists in a thought-provoking new programme, commissioned by Durham County Council and taking place from Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 November 2023. Lumiere in Durham is a free event for everybody to attend.

Among this year’s BRILLIANT selection, two are from the North East: Seaham-based artist Angela Sandwith and Durham-born, Newcastle-based video artist Gareth Hudson. They are joined by three more artists including Deaf architect and visual artist Martin Glover, multi-media artist Emma Griffiths, and recent Royal College of Arts graduates, Patrick and Kaori Jones.


“This year we were blown away by the high standard of BRILLIANT applications; it was a tough decision.Our five selected artists presented ideas that use light to illustrate their passions, interests or personal experiences against the magical landscape of Durham, whilst also taking into considerationArtichoke’s aims to deliver a sustainable and environmentally-conscious event. Over the next few months, we will offer the selected participants the opportunity to bring their unique creative ideas to life and see their work exhibited on the global platform of Lumiere. Together with the support of our team, they will also have the opportunity to see many aspects of how a large-scale, free-to-attend event is put together.”

Kate Harvey, Artichoke Director of Projects


Angela Sandwith

Angela is an artist who has a passion for the natural environment and socio-political issues. She works in a variety of media, though is best known for textiles and wearable art which makes a statement. Using recycled, discarded and unusual materials as metaphors, Angela challenges both their perspective and traditional techniques used, repurposing and giving them a second life with a message and hint to their past. Research, drawing, learning through experimentation and modelling are essential to her art practice. Angela collects materials, often whilst out walking, she also takes photographs, and writes. Back at the studio she collates them, ready to be given a new life within a project or as her muse.

BRILLIANT is giving me the opportunity to create an ethereal light and sound installation which sends a message from nature.   

I have attended every Lumiere, and for a long time I have aspired to partake in the Brilliant scheme knowing that it would push my creative capabilities into new and exciting realms. To be part of the magic that is Lumiere motivates me to create art that gives people an unforgettable experience. 

I am proud to have been selected, and I look forward to working with Artichoke and exhibiting my installation in the beautiful and historic city of Durham.   

Angela Sandwith

Gareth Hudson

Gareth Hudson is a video installation artist based in the North East of England, working in moving image and light. Hudson eventually figured out that his work focuses on exploring and capturing transpersonal experience that could also be called sublime, exceptional, spiritual, mystic, psychedelic or transcendent. He uses his practice to examine the utility of such experiences and is passionate about positioning art as vehicle to both listen, observe, and express on matters of spiritual and secular ultimate concern. Hudson’s work utilises moving image, sound design, lighting, projection, and installation in an attempt to make powerfully affecting environments and this comes from attempting to experience moments that are threshold, periphery and liminal. Gareth Hudson also lectures in Fine Art, the Moving Image and Lens based Media.

I’m thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful event in my home county and it is a privilege to be part of a scheme that affords artists the opportunity to be speculative, risky and seen. I’m so looking forward to working with Artichoke, having the luxury of time and budget to really play with ideas and I can’t wait to see people’s reactions to the work.

Gareth Hudson

Martin Glover

Martin is an architect and visual artist with a passion for exploring social themes through a variety of media. His approach to art demonstrates his vested interest in Sign Art, art influenced by BSL. Martin has always had an appreciation of the Arts which has led to him facilitating guided tours for Deaf sign language users in British Sign Language (BSL). He brings passion to his lively presentations which attracts an engaged audience. He has run a mentoring programme for other deaf people to deliver Art tours in BSL to help open up opportunities for Deaf people to participate in the arts and cultural sectors nationally. He is a proud member of this minority linguistic community, bringing this passion to his role as Governor for a school for Deaf children in London. To date, he has secured three public commissions: a wall mural twice, Upfest, Bristol (2021 and 2022) and posters for the Alphabet for Black Rock project, Brighton Council (2021).

I hope that the public will think about communication with deaf people and be inspired to learn more about BSL (British Sign Language); an invisible community gets the chance to come into focus.  BRILLIANT 2023 is giving me the chance to put myself out there as an Artist and you never know what doors may be opened as a result of this in the future… 

Martin Glover

Emma Griffiths

Emma Griffiths is a London-based, multimedia artist, originally from a small working-class town, Ellesmere Port, in North West England. Emma’s work often expresses a feeling, enacts an experience, or shares a message, which are vital purposes of her work. She became strongly connected to art during her childhood. The current focus of Emma’s work is centred around her recent hearing loss diagnosis and reflecting on the denial she has always had. By exploring her relationship with hearing loss, she is being a self-advocate of her diagnosis through art.

Art helped me to communicate what words couldn’t.

Emma Griffiths

Patrick and Kaori Jones

Kappa is a recently formed collaboration between the artists Kaori Jones and Patrick Jones, who live and work in London. They both received MA’s in sculpture from the Royal College of Art in 2022. Kaori and Patrick are multimedia artists who draw upon their knowledge of anthropology and science and seek to speak with and inspire a diversity of people and communities. They have participated in numerous group exhibitions, including ‘Lapped Seams and Silver Linings’ at the Standpoint Gallery London. Since 2022 Kaori has exhibited her work with the Amber Room. Patrick is a founding member of SSG. SSG’s recent exhibitions include Visions of Sound, Loosen Arts, Rome, and forthcoming exhibitions include Art in the Field, Daguan Contemporary Art Museum, China.

Through BRILLIANT 2023 Kappa hopes to touch communities with the positive powers of light, a vision that will help unlock positive and bright futures for all.  It will be an honour to have the opportunity through BRILLIANT, with its open and collaborative culture, to speak to the diverse and broad audiences it attracts. 

Patrick and Kaori Jones

Full details of the BRILLIANT artworks will be included in the full programme to be announced later this year. To be the first to know what’s happening, sign up to our newsletter.