Angelpoise (7x)

Edmund Francis (UK)

An exaggeration of an iconic piece of everyday design,

Angelpoise (x7) was a scale model seven times the size of the average Anglepoise Lamp that sits on countless desks in offices and studies. The original, and somewhat smaller, Anglepoise Lamp, was designed by George Carwardine in 1933. Inspired by the constant tension principle of human limbs, Cardwardine wanted to develop a lamp that would mimic the flexibility and stability of the human arm.

The man-made objects that surround us, those that we see every day and hardly notice, fascinate Edmund Francis. By increasing the scale of these objects, the viewer’s perspective is changed, as the piece towers over them. Edmund Francis graduated from Newcastle University and lives in the North East. His sculptures concentrate on techniques and methods borrowed from the design industry and crossover with design in general.

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