Participatory Projection


Walter & Zoniel (UK)


A glow-in-the-dark scene revealed by a flash.

In this surreal installation, a silent group of people appeared to sit isolated in a shop window. The living statues emitted a glow under the flash-lights of the artists’ camera.

The stream of abstract images taken by the artists were then projected above the installation, forming a wall of rolling imagery echoing a social media stream.

Spectators could join in too by using the photo flash on their mobile phone to see the living sculptures light up.

This piece was in partnership with Durham Sixth Form Centre.

Walter & Zoniel work within the mediums of installation, sculpture, photographic process, film and performance. Focussing upon enticing the viewer into thought and momentary transcendence, their work centres around the human condition viewed through the themes of our interconnectedness within the cosmos, nature and humankind.


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