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Are Atoms Alive?

Ocubo & Storybox (Portugal/New Zealand) & Durham Sixth Form Students

Soundtrack: Sylvian Moreau

Location: Durham Sixth Form Centre

A scientific voyage through scale

Comprised of seven screens spread across nine shipping containers, Are Atoms Alive? takes us on a journey from the sparkling expanse of the galaxies to the depths of the cells dividing in our bodies. The artwork was inspired by the uninhibited curiosity of the title-question asked by the 6-year-old son of one of the artists. This bespoke version of the installation was adapted by students at Durham Sixth Form Centre in workshops using imagery of the city.

About Ocubo

Ocubo is an international creative studio that produce artistic events and installations telling captivating stories through light and technology. They have animated historic sites with large-scale projections in more than 20 cities worldwide. Their projects often invite the local community to be co-creators of their works through participation.

About Storybox

Founded in 2007, Storybox create amazing projection spaces around the world using shipping containers. Their works connect with audiences through innovative storytelling.

About Durham Sixth Form Centre

Durham Sixth Form Centre is a mixed sixth form located in Durham city centre.

Supported by the Embassy of Portugal, Creative New Zealand and Parsons Containers Ltd.

Accessibility information

From Freemans Quay: paved footpath relatively even flat surface.  Footpath alongside Freeman’s Quay leisure centre.  Footpath at former sands car park is closed.

From Providence row: new temporary tarmac footpath with tactile paving dropped kerbs and temporary ramp (slight downward slope) and incline on approach to sixth form college.  Footpath width is adequate.

Artwork description: Fast-moving imaged-based projection onto screens.

PLEASE NOTE: While you are welcome to photograph this installations for personal use, please note that the artist retains all imagery rights. Commercial use of installation photography and film is strictly prohibited.

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