Art Means Business: How Culture Can Change the World

Lumiere Durham 2013

Friday 15 November, 9am – 4pm. Gala Theatre, Durham. 

Supported by the Loeb Fellowship Alumni Association.

A one-day conference discussing how the creative industries can offer innovative solutions to intractable problems, re-imaging the city of 21st century. Speakers included visionaries and policymakers from the worlds of the arts and urban planning, local government and business. The conference discussed themes of trade, economic impact, sustainability, transport and housing –topics not normally associated with the arts.

This fascinating day left participants with a wealth of new ideas and ways of thinking about how our cities are designed and managed.


  • Stella Hall (Chair)

Independent Festival Producer

  • Heather Ackroyd

Artist & Environmental Campaigner, Ackroyd & Harvey

  • James Berresford

Chief Executive, Visit England

  • Ben Cameron

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

  • Nathan Coley


  • Christine Dalby

EU Representation in the UK

  • Martyn Evans

Creative Director, Cathedral Group

  • Judy Fulton

Harvard iLab

  • George Garlick

CEO, Durham County Council

  • Matt Jones

Programme Manager, Federation Square

  • Rick Lowe

Artist, Developer, Loeb Fellow

  • Tim Marlow

Writer, Broadcaster & Art Historian

  • Sarah Maxfield

Director, Arts Council England North

  • John Mowbray

Co-Chair, Cultural Partnership for North East England

  • Simon Preston

eat Newcastle

  • Susannah Sayler

Canary Group, Loeb Fellow

  • Deirdre Schmidt

One Roof Global Consulting, Loeb Fellow

  • Peter Sharp

Curator, Kielder Art and Architecture

  • Edward Walker

Founder of Cityworks, Loeb Fellow





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