Binary Waves


Using infrared sensors, the everyday, unseen life of a city was transformed into a unique display of light, sound and colour. 

On 40 illuminated panels, each measuring 3 metres high, electromagnetic waves from mobile phones and radios were translated into optical effects with red and white LEDs, each impulse passed from one panel to the next in ever changing patterns.

Brussels-based art-studio LAb[au] (laboratory for architecture and urbanism) was founded in 1997 by Manuel Abendroth, Els Vermang and Jerome Decock. LAb[au]’s work is part of public and private art collections worldwide and has been exhibited across the world. The technological developments of the past 40 years have given rise to a major shift from the industrial to the post-industrial information society. This technological progress inspires LAb[au] to examine the transformation of architecture, art and design.

binaryWaves was also part of the Lumiere Durham 2011 programme.

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