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Blue Skies

Penelope Payne (UK)

Winning BRILLIANT allowed me to take my practice to the next level and gave me the skills to make more ambitious work.

Penelope Payne

Location: Underneath Milburngate Bridge

A glimpse of summer sky on a dark winter night

This projection installation reimagines the underside of Milburngate Bridge as a balmy summer’s day.Look up to see clouds drifting across the sky overhead and hear the sounds of birds singing and insects buzzing.

About Penelope Payne

Penelope Payne is based in Whitley Bay and works in a studio in Cullercoats on the North East coast. She has exhibited artworks in London and Venice and her installation You Make Me Think Of Dead Spiders was selected for the Middlesbrough Art Weekender. She is one of the winners of this year’s BRILLIANT commissioning competition, which invites anyone originally from or currently living in the North East to submit a bright idea for a Lumiere light installation.


Artwork description: Slow moving projection onto the underside of the bridge with an accompanying soundtrack.

PLEASE NOTE: While you are welcome to photograph this installations for personal use, please note that the artist retains all imagery rights. Commercial use of installation photography and film is strictly prohibited.




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