Participatory Installation

Brothers and Sisters

Ron Haselden (UK)


Everyday sketches transformed into sculptures of light in London’s Grosvenor Square.

Brothers and Sisters is part of an ongoing series of works created by Ron Haselden. Originally commissioned by Canary Wharf Arts, this installation was based on drawings by school children from the Isle of Dogs, London. These portraits of siblings were transformed into large sculptures using LED embedded light-rope. The work continues to grow as it travels to new locations and more children are invited to add new drawings to the collection. The portraits were situated on the lawn of Grosvenor Square in Mayfair for Lumiere London 2016.

Ron Haselden is a British artist who creates light sculptures and architectural installations using neon, LEDs, film and video, drawing and painting. His work has travelled across Europe and appeared in a variety of locations including small mountain towns, public parks and even a disused shop in France.

Other installations by Ron Haselden for Lumiere include Echelle (Lumiere Durham 2009), Nine Men Drawing (Lumiere Durham 2009)Fête (Lumiere Durham 2013 and Lumiere Derry-Londonderry 2013) and Diver (Lumiere London 2016).


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