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Celestial Brainstorm

Amelia Kosminsky (UK)

Production Manager: Ben Wallace
Designer of Light Source
and Control System: Liam Strong
Illustrator: Guy Armstrong
Structural Design: Unusual Rigging

Location: Under the Viaduct

Wonder at the inner beauty of our brains

Pull the rope to rotate this floating sculpture and propel sparkling neurons into the night sky. Just like the night lanterns often found in children’s bedrooms, Celestial Brainstorm illuminates from within. This work reframes the sometimes alienating patterns of brain scans and highlights the beautiful creative possibilities that can emerge from disruptive experiences and irregular brain activity.

Having grown up with photosensitive epilepsy, Amelia has always been fascinated and repelled by light and the effect that it has on the brain. Flashing lights can result in a seizure, whereas flickering lights are mesmerising and enchanting. With Celestial Brainstorm, Amelia hopes to capture this second state while actually using neuron patterns to create the effect of a constantly moving starry sky. The title of the piece reclaims the term ‘brainstorm’ which is used to describe a seizure but which has historically been used to mean a period of intense thought or creativity.

This suspended installation, created with support from local companies Dyer Engineering and Unusual Rigging, combines the techniques of early photography, lanterns and projection with contemporary technologies of LED lighting and automated rotation.

About Amelia Kosminsky

Amelia Kosminsky is a London based visual artist whose practice spans video design, light installations and photography. She studied photography at London College of Communications and Video Design for Live Performance at Guildhall School of Music & Drama. Amelia has worked on artworks for the Barbican, Waddesdon Manor and the Philharmonia Orchestra at Queen Elizabeth Hall.  One of her first publicly exhibited works was Let Her Shine for the first edition of Lumiere Durham in 2009.

Accessibility information

The area at the North Road/A690 roundabout is tarmac with kerbed paths with dropped kerbs in places.  If accessing from North Road towards viaduct there is an upward slope.

Artwork description: Interactive steel sculpture creating slow moving light patterns.

PLEASE NOTE: While you are welcome to photograph this installations for personal use, please note that the artist retains all imagery rights. Commercial use of installation photography and film is strictly prohibited.

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