New commission Projection


Epsztein & Gross (France)

Location: The Ogden Centre, Durham University

An extraordinary passage through the years, exploring our physical journey through time and space

Chronos, a new commission for Lumiere 2021, is a video-mapped projection and soundscape taking us on an audio-visual voyage through time from millennia to nanoseconds. From a tree growing through the centuries to the throb of a heartbeat, Camille Gross and Leslie Epsztein’s artwork whirrs and pulsates through years, days, hours and minutes, evoking the unstoppable acceleration of time.

The story of time, told through Chronos, resonates with the Ogden Centre site, which is home to Durham University’s world-renowned expertise in fundamental physics where researchers investigate the mysteries of the cosmos.



The Ogden Building: Within the Ogden Building site, there is level access and wide pathways. 


About Epsztein & Gross

Leslie Epsztein and Camille Gross are two French artists who have been specialising in projection mapping for over 10 years. After obtaining their respective diplomas in visual communication and scenography and after 4 years collaborating with a lighting artist, they chose to combine their common passion to create their own projects for different cities and festivals across the world.

Their career as a duo started in 2016 with Voyage, a projection on St Paul’s station for the Lyon Light Festival. Since then, they have participated in many international festivals, such as Fiesta de la Luz in Ecuador, Lumiere London and the Light Move Festival in Poland. In 2018 they were awarded the label of Artist Ambassadors of the Lyon Light Festival.



This installation benefited from the insight of Professors Carlos Frenk and Richard Bower from the Institute for Computational Cosmology, Department of Physics, Durham University.

Our aim is to create an immersion and a moment of exploration of who we are within Time and Space. Creating the piece for the Ogden Center for Fundamental Physics also allows us to create a symbolic connection between scientific knowledge, research and artistic creation.

Epsztein & Gross



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