Participatory Installation

Consumerist Christmas Tree

Luzinterruptus (Spain)


Consumerist Christmas Tree was presented in association with the Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs of the Embassy of Spain in London and supported by Prince Bishops Shopping Centre.

Thousands of discarded plastic bags transformed into a nine metre high illuminated Christmas tree.

Spanish art collective Luzinterruptus’ Consumerist Christmas Tree aimed to challenge our addiction to plastic bags and consider the environmental consequences of our throw-away society, at a time of year when consumption hits an annual high.

We asked everyone in Durham to give us their spare plastic bags and invited them to take part in workshops to help create the tree.

The installation was a development from a piece first created by Luzinterruptus at the Gewerbemuseum in Winterthur, Switzerland, called Plastic Garbage Guarding the Museum.

Luzinterruptus are an anonymous artistic group, implementing urban interventions in public spaces. Light is an integral part of their work, and is used to draw attention to social, environmental and political issues within cities and other environments. Although much of Luzinterruptus’ work has an element of activism, they also focus on highlighting forgotten and unused corners of urban spaces. Their installation Plastic Islands was part of Lumiere London 2016.

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