Ulf Pedersen (UK)


Droplets of water suspended, emanating layers of sound.

Ulf Pedersen’s captivating installation, Droplets, was created of twelve animated water droplets, each toned to a different note. Originally commissioned for the 50th anniversary of the MAC in Birmingham, this subtle installation had a mostly random pattern of sounds, with the occasional melodic element coming into play.

Architectural in scale, UK-based Pedersen’s work transforms the act of looking into a physical experience and is carefully placed to respond to the raw materials of his chosen site. The artist has created installations across the world that immerse us in a sensational play of light and colour, often combining natural and artificial elements with new architectural forms. Through a kind of light-based alchemy using hi and lo-fi technologies, an outdoor space changes into something unique and magical.

Pedersen has recently created displays at arts festivals in Sydney, Hong Kong, Hobart and Wellington, with future plans to present works in Rio De Janeiro, San Francisco, Shanghai and Kunming.


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