Installation Interactive

El Sol

Het Pak (Belgium)


A tender and amusing tribute to Durham’s brass band heritage.

Thirty transparent illuminated tents laid out in the shape of a treble clef on a grassy plain: each contained an image of a musician and emitted music from a different brass instrument. From a distance, a whole brass band could be heard.  The significance of the way the tents were laid out could only be seen from above.

The title El Sol was a play on ‘Sol-fa’, the musical alphabet.  The music included in the installation was a specially recorded composition, Susanna and Orchidea, by composers Nino Giuffre and Roberto Villata and performed by the Royal Music Brass Band from Aarsele.

Het Pakt are a Belgian artist co-operative, founded by Lieven Neirinck in 1997. They specialise in creating multimedia installations involving combining video, photography and projection with everyday objects. Their work focuses on how audiences can participate with their surroundings, and the environment created by their artwork.


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