New commission


Aidan Moesby (UK)

5 Locations:

10A: Prince Bishops, viewed from Elvet Bridge: Hope (wellingtons)
10B: Passport Office façade: Clarity (sun)
10C: Bus Station façade: Transformation (wind)
10D: Train Station approach: Reflection (snow)
10E: Riverwalk wall, on Milburngate:
Contemplation (umbrella)

Check the weather before you travel

Artist, curator and writer Aidan Moesby has created five new playful neon installations that reflect the relationship between physical and emotional journeys. Positioned throughout Durham City in places where people may start or end a journey, the series is a commentary on the differences between the everyday and seemingly mundane trips and more emotional events such as weddings, anniversaries, births and deaths. We are constantly departing and arriving as we travel through life and with this, sometimes personal change and transformation occurs. Underpinning these neon works is the relationship between climate change and wellbeing which is central to Moesby’s body of work.

About Aidan Moesby

Aidan Moesby explores civic and personal wellbeing bringing a nuanced, insightful and often playful approach to the emotional context of working with climate change and the deep interconnectedness between the natural and social environments within modern life. 

As a Curator, Artist, Writer and Thinker he works nationally and internationally across physical and digital platforms. Moesby works across art forms producing installations and interventions. In 2017 he showed Sagacity: The Periodic Table of Emotions at Lumiere which has since been exhibited widely. More recently he presented his solo performance I was Naked, Smelling of Rain at Edinburgh Fringe as part of the Arts Council England Showcase.

Image credit: Emotional Weather (rendering), Aidan Moesby


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