Flamingo Flyway

Lantern Company with Jo Pocock (UK)


A flight of bright pink flamingos flocked into Chinatown for four nights.

Flamingo Flyway was a flock of extraordinary flame-coloured birds created by the ever-imaginative Lantern Company with Jo Pocock (UK). The piece referenced the extraordinary intercontinental migration routes that birds take each year, and the parallels to humankind’s age long migration routes across the world.

These colourful characters were an extension of the Nightlife installation which transformed Leicester Square Gardens into an evocative illuminated world of nocturnal creatures.

The Lantern Company have a wealth of experience in producing and directing arts festivals, one-off site-specific events, carnival parades and visual theatre. They also undertake sculptural commissions and create processional kinetic floats, costumes and large-scale puppets.

At the heart of the company lies the desire to nurture and promote artistic excellence alongside a commitment to developing sustainable projects, which build skills and raise aspirations in community members, increasing confidence, celebrating creativity and promoting social cohesion amongst participants and audiences alike. Lantern Company events aim to be accessible to those who may not normally access visual or performing arts.


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