New commission Installation

Fogscape #03238

Fujiko Nakaya, Simon Corder (Japan / UK)


An ephemeral fog sculpture rising around the trees and floating up to the Cathedral perched on a peninsula rock above the River Wear.

Veteran Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya was the first artist to use fog as a sculptural medium for the transmission of light and shadow. Simon Corder has been working with light in the environment for thirty years. Their new commission for Lumiere invoked the spirit of St Cuthbert, the saint of the Northumbrian church, whose tomb lies in Durham Cathedral.

Simon Corder is a London based designer. His practice embraces lighting for performance, set & production design, light-art, zoo design, event production, lighting for exhibitions, and photography.

Fujiko Nakaya is best known for her fog sculptures, ephemeral and immersive installations that have been transforming public spaces and structures for nearly 50 years. Nakaya’s innovative use of fog as a sculptural medium emerged during her involvement with E.A.T. (Experiments in Art and Technology). This global initiative promoting collaboration between artists and engineers was a perfect fit for Nakaya, a painter with a preoccupation for natural phenomena and the daughter of Ukichiro Nakaya, a physicist known for his work in glaciology and low-temperature sciences. As Tokyo representative for the group, Nakaya produced the world’s first fog sculpture for Expo ’70 in Osaka, shrouding the roof of the Pepsi pavilion with simulated fog.


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