New commission Projection


Mader Wiermann (Germany)


A shape-shifting projection that seemed to warp the facade 103 Regent Street.

Holger Mader and Heike Wiermann’s video piece, Frictions, examined the interplay between light and shadows. This new commission from the architectural German duo, who have worked together across the world since 2001, celebrated the architecture of 103 Regent’s streets building through geometrics. As the piece moved on, the building itself appeared to twist and buckle before returning to its original shape. Accompanied by an electronic sound score by Dave Dinger, this piece marked the first showing of Mader Wiemann’s unique work in the UK.

From Berlin to Brazil, Norway to Greece, Mader Wiermann have taken iconic buildings and temporarily transformed them into moving flowing structures. Their works literally take the building blocks of architectural form and transform them into something more fluid, more poetic and more transitory.

Mader Wiermann also created another installation for Lumiere London 2018, Grabber at King’s Cross.


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