Festival Flashback BRILLIANT


Mick Stephenson (UK)

Location: Walkergate

Recycled materials illuminated with colourful LEDs

In 2011 as part of the first edition of Lumiere’s BRILLIANT competition Mick Stephenson created his first artwork, Fusion. The artwork is made entirely from everyday objects, usually discarded in their millions, such as milk bottles and pipes and illuminated with LED lights. Visually impactful from a distance and beautifully intriguing up close, this unique light sculpture crafts an intricate tapestry of colour and texture that will surprise and delight audiences.

Fusion was originally commissioned as part of the 2011 BRILLIANT commissioning competition which invites anyone originally from or currently living in the North East to submit a bright idea for a Lumiere light installation.

About Mick Stephenson

Since becoming a BRILLIANT winner, Durham-based building firm boss, Mick Stephenson has cemented his signature style of turning rubbish into beautiful illuminated art. He has created environmentally friendly artworks for light festivals across the UK and beyond, including commissions at Lumiere Durham, Lumiere Derry-Londonderry and Lumiere London.

Accessibility information

Stepped access between Millennium Place and Freeman’s Place: available next to the Premier Inn/Missoula.  There are 4 flights of steps consisting of 8/11/12/12 steps.

Stepped access between Missoula and Ebony: 2 flights of steps consisting of 7/7 steps.

Stepped access between Ebony and Gala Theatre: 2 flights of steps consisting of 8/8 steps.

Seating available within Millennium Place with adequate lighting in the area. 

Lift access from Walkergate Car Park and Freeman’s Place to Millennium Place: There is lift access from within Walkergate Carpark and also from Freeman’s Place below Fat Buddha restaurant. There are power-assisted doors to each lift. Access to Level 1 – Riverside ground level, Level 5 – bars and lower level of Millennium place, Level 7 – upper level, restaurants and Gala theatre. Car parks close at midnight.

Platform lift: Within Millennium place there is a platform lift available to go between the upper and lower levels of Millennium Place, this is situated next to the Bishops Mill pub. 

Access from Milburngate Bridge: There is ramped access from Milburngate bridge. The ramp is situated behind the library with adequate handrails and lighting. The surface is block paving.

Access from Claypath:  steep downward slope from Claypath towards Millennium Place. Paved foothpath.

Artwork description: Static LED sculpture.

PLEASE NOTE: While you are welcome to photograph this installations for personal use, please note that the artist retains all imagery rights. Commercial use of installation photography and film is strictly prohibited.


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