New commission BRILLIANT LED


Mick Stephenson (UK)


Special thanks to Chris Stephenson and Chris Graham

Recycled materials illuminated with colourful LED’s.

Fusion was made entirely from everyday objects, usually discarded in their millions, such as milk bottles and pipes and illuminated with LED lights. Visually stunning from a distance and beautifully intriguing up close, this unique light sculpture crafted an intricate tapestry of colour and texture that both surprised and delighted audiences.

Fusion was one of four installations commissioned as part of the Lumiere Durham 2011 BRILLIANT competition for anyone based in or originally from the North East with a bright idea for an installation.

Mick Stephenson has a track record of turning rubbish into beautiful illuminated art. His Litre of Light – Rose Window installation for Lumiere Durham 2015 attracted thousands of visitors to Durham Cathedral Cloisters. The piece was later reworked for Lumiere London 2018. Mick also created Litre of Light – London for Lumiere London 2016, for a collaborative project with Central Saint Martins’ students and MyShelter Foundation.

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