Garden of Light

TILT (France)


Reaching up to the sky, giant illuminated plants brought a taste of the tropics to the winter nights.

During Lumiere Durham 2015 and Lumiere London 2016, the audience could take a stroll through a magical mass of plant sculptures. It was great opportunity to rediscover the delight of winter walks at Leicester Square and Durham college green.

The radiant glow of giant gleaming flowers and trees dripping with pretty leaves made of multi-coloured lights kept visitors warm in the cold.

TILT is a French collective that reclaim public space for their art. They create luminous, dreamlike structures using recycled materials processed to high technical production quality.

Founders François Fouilhé and Jean-Baptiste Laude started the collective to give prominence to light art and to encourage audiences to view it from a new perspective.

TILT also created the installation Lampounette for Lumiere London 2018.



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