Angela Sandwith (UK)

Location: St Cuthbert’s Society Boat Club

Giving a second life to objects through art 

Seaham-based artist Angela Sandwith has attended every Lumiere and has always aspired to be part of the BRILLIANT scheme. A former Design educator and now full-time artist, Sandwith presents a light installation using discarded fishing gear and other materials collected from the beaches of East Durham. Ghost Nest will repurpose these objects, giving them a second life while also sending a strong message about our need to protect nature and the environment.

About Angela Sandwith

Angela is an artist who has a passion for the natural environment and socio-political issues. She works in a variety of media, though is best known for textiles and wearable art which makes a statement. Using recycled, discarded and unusual materials as metaphors, Angela challenges both their perspective and traditional techniques used, repurposing and giving them a second life with a message and hint to their past. Research, drawing, learning through experimentation and modelling are essential to her art practice. Angela collects materials, often whilst out walking, she also takes photographs, and writes. Back at the studio she collates them, ready to be given a new life within a project or as her muse.


“[Being selected for] BRILLIANT has given the opportunity to create an ethereal light and sound installation which sends a message from nature.  I have attended every Lumiere, and for a long time I have aspired to partake in the BRILLIANT scheme knowing that it would push my creative capabilities into new and exciting realms. To be part of the magic that is Lumiere motivate[d] me to create art that gives people an unforgettable experience.  Angela Sandwith

Image credit: Ghost Nest (rendering), Angela Sandwith, 2023


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