New commission Projection


Mader Wiermann (Germany)


A commentary on the ever-increasing construction within the city.

Mader Wiermann’s Grabber was a computer simulated version of architectural creation, set against a backdrop of Coal Drops Yard.

The projection focuses on the materials and methods of fabrication, and reflects London as a whole, a city that is filled with construction work and cranes, constantly building and developing.

Holger Mader and Heike Wiermann (Germany) have worked together since 2001, creating extraordinary installations that take the building blocks of architectural form and transform them into something more fluid, poetic and transitory. From Berlin to Brazil, Norway to Greece, Mader Wiermann have taken iconic buildings and temporarily transformed them into moving flowing structures.

Mader Wiermann also created another installation, Frictions, for Lumiere London 2018 in the West End.


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