Greenhouse Effect

Maro Avrabou & Dimitri Xenakis (France / Greece)


Supported by Gateshead College and Hyperdrive

Four electric cars turned into illuminated ‘greenhouses’, filled with artificial plants.

Greenhouse Effect asked us to re-consider our reliance on cars and the catastrophic effect this has on the environment. Four cars were transformed into ‘greenhouses’, filled with artificial plants that were lit with bright fluorescent tubes, and parked in the centre of the road. Impossible to ignore, these vehicles and their unusual cargo, challenged our lifestyle choices with wit and humour and reminded us that we are all responsible for global warming.

Maro Avrabou and Dimitri Xenakis collaborate on work that challenges living spaces and points of view.  They like to examine urban and rural landscapes, often juxtaposing one with the other in their work.  They are interested in the environment and our impact on our surroundings.

Both live in France and exhibited at the Light in Jerusalem Festival 2013 and the Land Art Biennale, Mongolia. They have also shown work throughout Europe, Asia and South America.

At Lumiere Durham 2013 Maro Avrabou & Dimitri Xenakis’ piece Guardian Angels was also part of the programme.

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