New commission Installation

Guardian Angels

Maro Avrabou, Dimitri Xenakis (France/Greece)


Protectors and guardians of vegetation, these ghostly gardening tools took on another life as darkness fell.

Unexpected and surprising, these watering-lanterns stopped passers-by in their tracks. Appearing white by day, the collection of plastic watering cans were suspended in mid air. At night, they came to life, pouring out ‘water’ made of fibre optic wire on the grass below. Guardian Angels highlighted the importance of nature preservation and was also an indirect tribute to gardeners. This sculptural piece, whilst playful, also asked us to consider our role in our environment.

Maro Avrabou and Dimitri Xenakis collaborate on work that challenges living spaces and points of view.  They like to examine urban and rural landscapes, often juxtaposing one with the other in their work.  They are interested in the environment and our impact on our surroundings.

Both live in France and exhibited at the Light in Jerusalem Festival 2013 and the Land Art Biennale, Mongolia. They have also shown work throughout Europe, Asia and South America.

At Lumiere Durham 2013 their piece Greenhouse Effect was also part of the programme.


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