Illumaphonium (UK)

Location: Walkergate

You too can make music!

This illuminated interactive musical sculpture allows everyone to make music. Designed by Illumaphonium, the clever technology of this piece with its pre-programmed pentatonic scale means that you never play a duff note. Enjoy making music on your own or with friends, or play a duet with the installation itself. 

The ‘Halos’ detect and respond to the audience’s interactions. Each of the Halo towers is in itself a fully functional digital musical instrument, with each corresponding to a note in a pentatonic scale. The closer someone gets the brighter the Halos glow and the more they hum, while direct touch will excite a clear note and a faster visual response. The overall effect is an evolving and ever-changing sonic and visual landscape that is both soothing and captivating, bringing people together again.



Stepped access between Millennium Place and Freeman’s Place: There are 4 flights of steps consisting of 8/11/12/12 steps.

Stepped access between Missoula and Ebony: 2 flights of steps consisting of 7/7 steps. Stepped access between Ebony and

Gala Theatre: 2 flights of steps consisting of 8/8 steps. Seating available within Millennium Place with adequate lighting in the area.

Lift access from Walkergate Car Park and Freeman’s Place to Millennium Place: There is lift access from within Walkergate car park and also from Freeman’s Place, below the Fat Buddha restaurant. There are power assisted doors to each lift. Access to Level 1 – Riverside ground level, Level 5 – bars and lower level of Millennium place, Level 7 – upper level, restaurants and Gala theatre. Car parks close at midnight.

Platform lift: Within Millennium place there is a platform lift available to go between the upper and lower levels of Millennium Place. This is situated next to the Bishops Mill pub.

Access from Milburngate Bridge: There is ramped access from Milburngate bridge. The ramp is situated behind the library with adequate handrails and lighting. The surface is block paving.

Access from Claypath: Steep downward slope from Claypath towards Millennium Place. There is a paved foothpath.





About Illumaphonium

Illumaphonium create fully participatory sonic light-art designed to be experienced rather than simply observed. Although highly technical in nature, their work is never directed by the technology itself. Instead illumaphonium ask the question ‘what will be the social function of this artwork?’. Their answer being ‘togetherness and collaboration’ – something we as humankind need; now more than ever.

Illumaphonium by Illumaphonium featured as part of the programme at Lumiere Durham 2017 and Lumiere London 2018. 



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