Festival Flashback

Harmonic Portal

Chris Plant (UK)

Location: Castle Chare & Tenter Terrace, next to St Godric’s Church

A mesmerising meditation on sound, light and texture

Harmonic Portal seeks to piece together our fragmented world through a meditative exploration of the three frequencies used by our brains to create colour.

Harmonic Portal was originally commissioned as part of the 2017 BRILLIANT competition which invites anyone originally from or currently living in the North East to submit a bright idea for a Lumiere light installation. Since then the installation has been shown at Lumiere London 2018 and light festivals across Europe including Geneva Lux.

About Chris Plant

Durham-based artist, Chris Plant started out as a musician and began creating visuals for bands, raves and night clubs in the early 90s with handmade slides and 16 mm film, before moving into computer graphics and interactive installations. Chris’s practice now includes a mixture of creative programming, electronics and light art installations.

Accessibility information

St Godric’s Church

Junction with North Road: gentle slope, flagged pavement, tarmac road, adequate lighting.

Route from Milburngate: very steep towards St Godric’s Church, cobbled road, tarmac pavement, adequate lighting.  Accessed via 13 steps or narrow tarmacked path from Milburngate.

Footbridge: access from train station to Church Chare via footbridge accessed via 53 steps (flights of 6/6/9/10/11/8/1) exit footbridge via ramp or steps.

Artwork description: Slow colour changing light elements with an accompanying gentle soundtrack.

PLEASE NOTE: While you are welcome to photograph this installations for personal use, please note that the artist retains all imagery rights. Commercial use of installation photography and film is strictly prohibited.


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