Hartmann Grid

Leonardo Meigas (UK)

A Lux Scientia commission for Lumiere Durham

Funded by the European Commission Culture Fund

A network of luminous flumes that represent the lines of natural radiation passing over the Earth. 

Although not visible to the naked eye, we are continuously exposed to a wide range of sources of natural radiation that pass over the Earth. Leonardo Meigas’s Hartmann Grid visualised the ‘invisible walls’, that surround us. As the colours flowed from north to south and east to west, the light emitted illustrated how these channels of energy move over the earth, intersecting to form a grid.

Hartmann Grid was directly inspired by a German oncologist, Dr. Ernest Hartmann (1915-1992), who believed that humans who spend a lot of time at the point where the lines on the Earth’s electromagnetic grid intersect may be more likely to develop certain diseases.

Leonardo Meigas is a product and graphic designer working in his design studio Leonardo Design in Tallinn. Meigas’s graphic design, posters, installations and product design have been displayed in numerous exhibitions and fairs across Europe. Meigas’s most recent work is an interior design project for the Tallinn City Museum. His largest light installation “AEG” (“Time”) was presented in 1999/2000: a steel construction on the central town square of Tallinn and a huge laser clock, mounted into the building of the City Council.


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