Jon Voss (France)

Location: Walkergate Riverside

An iconic British bird captured mid-flight.

Its huge wings unfold for a fleeting moment – a snapshot in time. Heron shines in soft luminescence, as if captured in a camera flash. The sculpture celebrates the beauty of nature in the heart of the City.

Heron was the third permanent artwork added to the Durham landscape following Lumiere. The original installation was first shown at Lumiere 2017 and is now a permanent artwork in Durham.

About Jon Voss

Jon Voss was born in Devon, UK and now resides in Antibes, France. He creates fine modern drawings and steel sculptures inspired by the industrial world and nature.


Walkergate riverside: Stepped and ramped access with dropped kerbs wide paved paths

PLEASE NOTE: While you are welcome to photograph this installation for personal use, the artist retains all imagery rights. Commercial use of installation photography and film is strictly prohibited.

Image Credit: Heron, John Voss, Lumiere 2021. Photo by Matthew Andrews


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