BRILLIANT Installation Neon

I Haven’t Changed My Mind in a Thousand Years

Beth J Ross (UK)


Rewritten in neon, these two long-forgotten proverbs still have resonance today.

While carrying out research in Durham Cathedral’s library, Beth J Ross discovered an 11th-century manuscript full of proverbs that had surprising contemporary relevance. Inspired by this historic text, Beth re-wrote the proverbs using the script of her young son, Thomas. These neon artworks brought the wisdom of the past to the present, shedding light once more on these forgotten texts. I Haven’t Changed My Mind in a Thousand Years was originally commissioned as part of the BRILLIANT scheme for LumiereDurham 2013 and were installed at Piccadilly Arcade during Lumiere London.

Beth originally studied in Durham before returning to live there for 12 years and completing a degree in Fine Art at Newcastle College. She now lives and works in Vienna with her family. She has exhibited widely across the UK and in Austria.

I Haven’t Changed My Mind in a Thousand Years  was one of four installations commissioned as part of the Lumiere Durham 2013 BRILLIANT competition for anyone based in or originally from the North East with a bright idea for an installation.

The installations were also part of Lumiere Durham in 2013 and 2015 and Lumiere London in 2016.



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