I Love Durham

Jacques Rival (France)


A man on a horse inside in a giant, glittering snow globe. 

The Third Marquess of Londonderry, known to generations as ‘the man on the horse’ is no stranger to controversy.  An Eton-educated MP and Lord-Lieutenant of the county, he was also considered a brutal oppressor of the miners employed in his pits.  More recently his statue was the subject of local debate, with a hotly-contested battle over whether it should be removed, or moved at all, and if so, which way the horse’s derriere should face in greeting pedestrians entering the Market Place.

In 2013, French artist Jacques Rival brought the controversial equestrian monument galloping into the twenty-first century with this mischievous and playful tribute – a monumental dome that covered the statue, where it was engulfed in billowing ‘snow’, like the magical snow globes we all enjoyed as children.

Jacques Rival is a French artist and architect that uses different design tools to create surprising urban installations. The purpose of his work is to encourage the public to explore unknown areas and enrich everyday life by adding a hint of the unexpected.


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