Projection Video



In collaboration with Hazel Dunn and Ed Carter.

Location: Freeman’s Reach

Shape-shifting projections highlight the impact of human-led climate change on our planet

This light and sound installation invites you to experience and reflect on animated scenes depicting the consequences of climate change as they unfold beneath your feet. Issues captured in the vibrant projected landscape and accompanying soundscape range from deforestation and bee extinction, to coral bleaching and global warming. 

An original, synchronised soundtrack produced by composer Ed Carter accompanies projected patterning running in a continuous sequence to create a sense of constant motion and urgency. The score draws on climate and environmental data from 1880 to the present day, combined with recordings from the natural world that reference the changing visual imagery. The music reflects the alarming rates of change observed across climate indicators, including Arctic sea ice volume, seasonal monthly temperature, global forest cover, and the decline in UK pollinating insects, among others. 

Developed in collaboration with textile artist Hazel Dunn, NOVAK’s work draws on the tradition of textile design as a medium for storytelling, playing with geometric patterns, bold colour and texture. The striking juxtaposition between vibrant aesthetic and sombre subject matter encourages people to look twice and consider the reality of the climate emergency.



Stepped and ramped access from Freeman’s Place to Framwellgate Waterside.  There are 7 steps with a central handrail. 




NOVAK is a creative studio based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne producing innovative and ambitious art and design projects.  Specialising  in video design and immersive experiences, this encompasses projection mapping, art and museum installations, stage visuals for music artists and video accompaniments for theatre, dance and events. 

NOVAK’s work and skill sets seamlessly blend between their own innovative art installations and video designs created in collaboration with theatre directors, choreographers, museum curators and other creative associates.

Their art installations are often site-specific and on a grand and spectacular scale, that transforms and reimagines locations into extraordinary displays of colour and motion. These works explore a wide variety of themes, often including geographically relevant historic and cultural narratives that resonate deeply with audiences.



Design and animation by NOVAK and Hazel Dunn with additional illustrations by Laura Sheldon

Original score by Ed Carter. Performed by Ed Cross (violin), Josephine Montgomery (violin), Chrissie Slater (viola) and Ele Leckie (cello).

Developed from an original concept by Phil Supple and NOVAK

We are honoured to have been commissioned to make this site-specific work addressing the most pressing issue of our age. We hope the visually stunning designs, narrative and soundtrack will resonate strongly with audiences.

Adam Finlay, Studio Director, NOVAK

Bloomberg Philanthropies believes in the transformative power of public art and its ability to inspire and engage communities. We hope this collaboration with long-standing Bloomberg Philanthropies partner Artichoke will inspire people to take bolder action to address the climate emergency.

Jemma Read, Global Head of Corporate Philanthropy, Bloomberg LP.


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