Groupe LAPS (France)


Originally commissioned for the Fete des Lumières Lyon

LED stick men came to life and invaded the former Durham Miners’ Hall. 

Groupe LAPS’ brought the magic of movement to Durham with their quirky illuminated stick men in a lighthearted commemoration of the building’s heritage. This nocturnal artwork charmed audiences with its story, taking over the Miners’ Hall. Part animation and part moving sculpture, the LED figures gave energy and excitement to the building with glimmers of the past to life as they danced to a sound track performed by one of Durham’s brass bands.

Based in France, Groupe LAPS is a collective of artists who are interested in using light in urban environments to tell stories. Comprising video makers, artists, musicians and lighting experts, the group create technical pieces that enchant audiences. Groupe LAPS work swings between reality and fiction, and their fleeting installations always have long-lasting impacts.

Another installation in the KEYFRAMES series was part of Lumiere London 2016.


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