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Keys of Light

Mr.Beam (The Netherlands)

Location: Rushford Court

Lumiere’s got talent: Live music animates Rushford Court

Pianists of all ages perform their favourite songs, from Mozart to Michael Bublé, as part of this spectacular interactive installation. Triggered by sound, the installation is co-created by local people who were selected through an open call earlier in the year.

Each note played on the grand piano generates a projection on the facade of Rushford Court, transforming the building into a spectacle of shape-shifting patterns responding to the tone, speed, volume of the live music.

Keys of Light has been exhibited around the world, and the song that people love to play in every country is Yann Tiersen’s soundtrack for the film, Amélie.

About Mr.Beam

Founded in 2009, Mr.Beam is a creative team of multidisciplinary professionals who share a passion for innovative storytelling. Their work brings ordinary objects and spaces to life by creating extraordinary experiences for the participants. Keys of Light has been exhibited in light festivals internationally, from Fête des Lumières, Lyon to iLight Singapore.

Accessibility information

Level access via gate below the front entrance to the side of the building into the courtyard.

Artwork description: Video mapped moving projection on a building. The colour and speed of the projection is generated by live pianists.

PLEASE NOTE: While you are welcome to photograph this installations for personal use, please note that the artist retains all imagery rights. Commercial use of installation photography and film is strictly prohibited.


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