New commission Participatory Projection

Light on Their Feet: Footfalls for Rambert


These usually hidden soles were the stars of this special commission for Lumiere London 2018.

Light on Their Feet: Footfalls for Rambert  was a beautiful site-specific collaboration between artist David Ward (UK) and the Rambert Dance Company.

By photographing the soles of the dancers’ feet, Ward made a series of images that faded slowly into visibility and then out again, each foot disclosing a different relationship to the surface beneath.

Ward’s work includes painting, photography, light, sound, dance and performance. The former artist in residence at King’s College, Cambridge, Harvard University and Durham Cathedral has collaborated with numerous choreographers, composers, architects and other artists in both permanent and temporary public commissions. His new work for Lumiere London is a development of a work commissioned by King’s College Cambridge in 2016.


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